Supporting independent jewellery designers

gemstonesSome of the most exciting pieces of jewellery emerge from the workshops of independent jewellery designers. With so much up-and-coming talent around, we’ve profiled two brands to watch in 2014.

Badger and Baird

For now, you’ll have to satisfy your craving for Scottish jewellery designer Emma Baird’s stylish silver pieces by purchasing them through the brand’s Facebook page; their website is a work in progress! Influenced by nature, each handmade sterling silver piece is simply stunning, with pendants, rings and earrings incorporating pearly and semi-precious gemstones. We love the sweet silver bird pendants and twig rings – the perfect gift for any nature lover.

Hairy Growler

Hairy Growler specialises in handcrafted jewellery made with recycled and reclaimed material. Think pendants forged from penny farthings, stunning bracelets which were once spoons and rings made from antique coins. Perfect for those looking for unique, stylish jewellery, every piece they make is completely unique! Their Little Mad March Hare pendant is the perfect gift for anyone with a spring birthday and we love their delicate Oak Leaf Ring, handcrafted from a 100-year-old silver shilling coin. You’ll even receive the ‘donor’ coin from which the ring was cut – what an amazing gift!