The Worst Jewellery Care Mistakes


Whether it’s your precious engagement ring, a long-loved family heirloom or a particularly beloved piece from your collection, you will want to keep your jewellery sparkling for as long as possible. Avoid these jewellery care mistakes to optimise your shine time and keep your gems in tip-top condition.

Cleaning all metals with the same solution

You’ve made a positive step by investing in a specialist cleaning solution, but not all precious metals were created equal, and some cleaners are only suitable for certain materials. Make sure you read the label and if in doubt, ask your jewellery – otherwise you could end up doing more harm than good!

Applying products while wearing jewellery

Typically, the finishing touch to your outfit is a spritz of perfume or a quick blast of hairspray – but when you’re wearing expensive jewellery, you need to rethink this order. The chemicals in many aerosols and cosmetics can tarnish the jewellery and negatively affect its appearance, so apply them well before you slip on your favourite necklace or pair of earrings.

Storing jewellery all together

Every item of jewellery is different, and as such your diamond ring will benefit from a different storage solution to your platinum pendant. Keep your items separately if they’re at risk of getting tangled, secure, and out of the way of extreme temperatures for maximum life and longevity.


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