What is Your Engagement Ring Style?

If you’re looking for a beautiful band that you’ll want to wear for a lifetime, but don’t know where to start, check out our guide to engagement ring styles. The one that fits you best might just help you make the right choice!

Twee and traditional

You tend to wear pretty prints, vintage-inspired designs and consider yourself to be very girly and feminine. You have old fashioned values and appreciate the whimsical charm of times gone by.

An antique engagement ring with a romantic back story would be a great choice for you! Try boutiques or antique jewellers for pretty, historically inspired designs that won’t date.

Cool and quirky

Whether it’s your hair, your nails, or your outfit, you like your style to stand out from the crowd. You’re not afraid of bright colours or bold prints – you’re confident and full of energy, and this is reflected in your choice of clothes and jewellery.

Try choosing a band with a coloured stone. Whether you opt for a birthstone style or simply your favourite gemstone, it’s a great way of making a unique engagement statement.

Simple and classic

You favour clean lines and simple cuts and don’t like too many frills or embellishments. You like timeless styles that will never go out of fashion, and prefer things neat, organised and uncluttered.

Nothing less than a dazzling diamond will do for you! Choose a bright, beautiful metal like platinum and a smart round cut gem for a timeless treasure you’ll be more than happy to wear forever.


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