Wedding and jewellery

When most people think of weddings and jewellery, they automatically think of engagement rings. The most obvious symbols of commitment are connected to the marriage ceremony. However, although the rings are hugely important, they are not the be-all and end-all of wedding jewellery. Here is our top 5 list of pieces that are not to be forgotten 

Ladies necklaces

Strapless gowns, particularly, are set off well by a pretty necklace. So whether you choose classic pearls or dazzling diamonds, a necklace is an essential part of almost every bride’s jewellery repertoire; nevertheless, whether you’re searching for a gold necklace to complement an outfit or a fashionable pendant piece to make a statement.

Wedding tiaras

It’s not for everyone, but some brides opt for a tiara over a traditional veil, whilst some opt for both! Tiaras can be pretty and delicate or big and bold, depending on how much sparkle you like, but either way, they are the ideal hair accessory for the big day. Also, tiaras are the perfect bridal hair item since they symbolise love and purity and are usually worn by the woman on her wedding day. You may choose simple tiaras, statement tiaras, or bridal crowns for a romantic appearance.

Diamond earrings

Anything from simple studs to dramatic drop earrings will inject a bit of glamour into a wedding outfit. Earrings work especially well for a bride wearing her hair up, giving more opportunity to show them off. Traditionally, the bride receives studs from wearing on her wedding day. However, unlike the dress, she may wear the studs indefinitely as a constant reminder of the joyous event. 

Grooms and their ushers will surely want to look smart and stylish too, so it is worth investing in some cufflinks to keep their sleeves together and their look streamlined. Personalised or matching cufflinks also make a great memento of the day. Remember, a pair of cufflinks is the most important weapon in a man’s wardrobe. Where else in a man’s wardrobe would you find jewellery that serves both a practical and aesthetic purpose.

Wedding gifts

Jewellery is the perfect gift to thank important guests, such as the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents. Engraved watches, for instance, are presents that will look stunning, get plenty of use, and last a lifetime.


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