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How To Choose The Best Pair Of Earrings

Many women enjoy shopping for jewellery, particularly when it comes to earrings. When selecting earrings, however, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the vast array of options. These come in different colours, materials, shapes, designs, and sizes; thus, it can be a daunting task to find the best one that’d suit your preferences. Also, some shoppers are unsure what to look for when buying earrings, so preparing before your next earring shopping trip is essential. 

If you’d like to learn how to choose the best pair of earrings for your personality and style, here are some suggestions you can consider: 

Select Earrings That Flatter Your Face Shape 

While earrings serve as ornaments for the ears, they can significantly impact how one’s face shape and size appear. Because the earrings’ size, shape, and design highlight specific parts of the face, selecting ones that would look most flattering on you is essential. 

Here are some tips when selecting the right earring design based on your face shape: 

  • Round – Select long earrings that drop or dangle from the ears as they elongate the face.  
  • Square – Wear hoop earrings or those with rounded edges to soften the appearance of the jawline.  
  • Oval – The oval face shape works well with any size and design of earrings. 
  • Rectangular – Opt for big statement earrings that add width dimension to your face.  

You can use this short guide to narrow down your search. For instance, while exploring By Charlotte earrings collection or those of other similar shops, it’d be much easier for you to choose the right category of earrings that suit your face shape best. This way, you can study your options and decide on the ones you find most appealing. 

Consider Your Skin Tone 

Some earring materials complement one skin tone better than others. For instance, people with cool skin undertones look great wearing earrings made with silver and white gold materials. On the other hand, those with warm skin undertones may look pale or washed-out wearing accessories of the same colour. People with a warmer skin tone should opt for items made with copper, brass, yellow, or rose gold for a more flattering look.  

Pick Earrings To Complement Your Hairstyle 

Because your earrings will be placed close to your hair, you must consider their length and design. For instance, those with long, wavy hair may need to select chunky statement earrings to ensure that they’ll stand out against the backdrop. Meanwhile, a woman with a short hairstyle would look stunning in long, dangling earrings because they’ll be readily noticeable.  

Additionally, your hair colour should also be considered when shopping for earrings. If you have auburn, dark brown, or black hair, earrings made of gold and rose gold materials would be suitable for you. On the other hand, those who have blonde or light-coloured hair would look great in earrings made with silver or white gold materials. 

Choose Earrings To Suit The Occasion 

You’ll also need to consider the occasion when shopping for a new pair of earrings. For instance, earrings intended for the workplace should be simple and understated to maintain a professional look. The most common choice for work earrings is stud earrings, which are placed close to the face, are appropriately sized, and come in basic styles. To ensure that your new pair will look flattering while maintaining an understated effect, you can consider stud earrings made with pearls, diamonds, or basic cuts of silver and gold.  

On the other hand, you can consider bolder designs for formal events or casual parties. On these occasions, you’ll be able to experiment with various styles, colours, and materials. Hence, it’s best to reserve your bright-coloured, sparkly accessories for them.  

Create Harmony With Multiple Piercings 

If you have more than one piercing on your ears, you’ll also need to consider the other accessories you’ll be wearing when shopping for a new pair of earrings. Selecting ones that would go in harmony with the rest of your accessory set is essential to maintaining aesthetic balance. Also, doing so will help you avoid over-accessorizing. 

For instance, you’ll need to pick the right size of earrings to avoid overpowering or covering other piercings. Meanwhile, you’ll also need to select the right colours and materials that’d complement the other earrings. 


Quality earrings with the appropriate size, design, colour, and material would make a great addition to your accessories. Hence, selecting the right items based on your face shape and hairstyle is essential. Moreover, you’ll also need to consider the occasion when you’ll wear your earrings, as well as the other piercings you may already have.


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