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Top 8 Jewellery Trends Bloggers You Must Follow in 2023

In recent years, jewelry influencers have become key players in the fashion industry. By showcasing unique jewelry brands through reviews, styling, and personal wear, they have revolutionized the approach to jewelry. Many brands consider influencers to be critical partners in promoting their products as they have a broad and committed social media following. This following can contribute significantly to driving sales and increasing brand awareness, while their deep understanding of jewelry trends makes them valuable advisers. Here are jewelry bloggers to follow, from whose blogs you can learn about top jewelry trends.

Katerina Perez

Discover the world of jewelry through Katerina’s top-rated blog with over 400k Instagram followers. A seasoned influencer, she has graced the pages of Vogue, L’Officiel, and Robb Report. With experience from the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and Tiffany & Co., Katerina turned her passion into a career and now delights her community with original ideas and design views. From established brands to emerging designers, her blog is a must-visit destination for all jewelry lovers.

Lena Mahfouf

Léna Situations – one of the top jewelry influencers with over 2 million subscribers. Known for her humorous vlogs, Léna has become the brand ambassador for the renowned Italian jewelry brand Bulgari. Watch her “Vlogue” to explore the world of high-end jewelry and discover the art of creating precious gems. Join her on her journey to unlock the secrets behind the most exquisite jewelry.

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Jewels and Gems

Discover the world of jewelry with Jewels and Gems. This exclusive collection features interviews and reviews, providing you with the latest trends and unique pieces. From timeless classics to one-of-a-kind finds, we’ve got you covered. Don’t miss out on all your jewelry needs – visit this blog now!

Camille Charriere

Meet Camille Charriere, the fashion blogger and half-French, half-English jewelry influencer you need to know. Her blog ‘Camille over the Rainbow’ is a haven for fashion, jewelry, and beauty content. Her expertise in the world of jewelry has landed her collaborations with top labels like Chloe, Mango, and Harrods. Camille works closely with jewelers and designers and is renowned as one of the most influential jewelry experts today. Get inspired by her curation, featuring stunning pieces from Theodora Warre and Anissa Kermiche.

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Gemologue is the go-to blog for discovering exquisite jewelry finds that Liza uncovers across her global travels. Her coverage spans a range of fine, fashion, and vintage jewelry trends. One of her viral images even shows her attending London Fashion Week with her face adorned in pearls! Liza, who studied Gemology in New York, is currently based in London. Stay in touch with the latest trends and get inspired by visiting Gemologue.

Chic Jewels

Looking for the hottest jewelry trends from all over the world? With Chic Jewels, you will be up to date with the latest in the world of jewelry. This blog is your go-to source for finding stunning and unique pieces to amp up your style game.

Diamonds in the Library

Discover the ultimate jewelry blog that’s an absolute goldmine of information. Becky, a former government writer, and now a full-time jewelry blogger, provides an extensive range of topics for both designers and stores. Get insights on various business subjects such as jewelry packaging, store profiles, industry trends, and interviews with top designers. Explore the ‘Pretty Shiny Things’ section, for some stunning designs that’ll leave you mesmerized. Check out this invaluable resource for all things jewelry!

The Jewelry Loupe

As a prominent writer for jewelry magazines, Cathleen’s blog showcases one-of-a-kind pieces found at auction houses. But her site is not only for admirers but also for makers. Check out the ‘Ask an Expert’ section for valuable how-to content on everything from design to marketing. Follow her blog on Facebook to stay up-to-date on her latest posts and finds, including her recent feature on stunning jewelry from the AGTA Show.


The content of the above-listed blogs can provide you with guidance on the latest jewelry trends from all around the world. From tips on styling and designing to finding unique pieces, these top 8 bloggers will give you plenty of ideas for your own look. So make sure to bookmark them and follow their work closely in order to always stay ahead in the fashion game!


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