Best place to buy jewellery

Best place to buy jewellery in Hatton Garden’s Jewellery Quarter. An area of London with hundreds of skilled jewellery craftsmen working in one road. They have been serving the jewellery industry and the public for hundreds of years. With potentially over 1000 jewellery tradespersons who all work in Hatton Garden, from shops to workshops and offices. When you visit Hatton Garden you will first see a glorious spectacle of fine jewellery. There are more than 50 shops displaying some of the best jewellery you have ever seen in their windows. The retail shops have ready-made jewellery for sale and have knowledgeable staff to help you when choosing your jewellery.

Buying ready-made jewellery

Buying ready-made jewellery is a popular choice for many people looking to buy jewellery. You can go to Hatton Garden and walk away with the jewellery you are looking for on the same day. This is what many couples do when they are looking to buy an engagement ring, eternity ring, or wedding rings. It can be quite overwhelming to see such an abundance of jewellery all in one road. You could spend half a day to walking up and down Hatton Garden considering all the options that are on display. At the same time, it is an experience you will always remember.

Buying ready-made jewellery

Jewellery workshops in Hatton Garden

There are many workshops that work either at the rear, above or in basements of the shops There are many offices with small jewellery studios that trade in loose diamonds. In more recent times there are many jewellers with workshops who offer their jewellery making services to the public. There are many who offer bespoke jewellery making services, using the latest CAD software. This gives people the opportunity to consider making their jewellery to their own design ideas. The bespoke jewellery designers will help you design and manufacture your jewellery. They will help you understand how to make your jewellery. This may cost slightly more than buying ready-made jewellery but will give you an item of jewellery that is one of a kind.

Jewellery services in Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden is around 600 yards long, it is split into 3 parts. Staring at the Holborn end, the first third of the road you will find the best jewellery retails shops. The retail shops display spectacular ready-made jewellery, on the left and right of the road. From Greville street, there are slightly less retail shops and more of a mix of other jewellery services. The final third of the road has fewer retail shops. It is the area of Hatton Garden where most of industry and trade services are located. You will find either pawnbrokers and bullion services and is where you would go to sell your scrap jewellery. This is also the area where you would find the jewellery tools and equipment needed and buy the raw materials to make jewellery.

Knowledgable and experienced jewellers

There is every jewellery service you may need all on one road, each with its own personality and character. The great thing about Hatton Garden is the abundance of choice, giving the public many options to choose from. Not only do you have a wide range of choices and options. All of the jewellers are highly knowledgable with years of experience in the jewellery trade. They are also considered by many as some of the most trusted and reliable jewellers in the world. Use the Hatton Garden website directory to help you find the jewellery service that will help you with what you are looking for, before going there. From ready-made jewellery, bespoke jewellery, jewellery repairs and alterations. There are other jewellery services to value, or insure your jewellery and also sell your unwanted jewellery.


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