Creative solutions for jewellery storage

Studio-Makeover-Window-Frame-JewelryAre you tired of storing your favourite jewellery in the same old, boring jewellery box? Fed up of finding your necklaces tangled and earrings mismatched? Then perhaps it’s time you tried some of our more creative DIY approaches to jewellery storage …

Reuse and recycle

There’s a use for that old picture frame you’ve had lying around – turn it into a stylish jewellery display! Use craft glue to stick fabric covered foam into the frame (use a pretty fabric of your choice) then get pinning; brooches and earrings both look lovely displayed in this way. Another great way to display earrings is using a cheese grater; it might sound odd but it’s true! Choose a vintage coloured pastel matt paint such as duck egg blue or mint green and paint your grater, decorating the top with a gingham bow, then prepare to display your earrings!

Be creative

If you didn’t think there was any use for an old chopping board, think again. By painting your old chopping boards a pretty colour and inserting hooks into them, they become the perfect place to hang pendants and earrings. You could even get creative with some old doorknobs or furniture knobs, which can be screwed into the wall or a wardrobe door and used to hang your jewellery – this way your favourite pieces are always on display!
So get ready to bin your uninspiring jewellery box and create something a little bit more adventurous. Your jewellery is a fun, stylish way to express your personality, so why not take the same approach to storing it?


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