Lena Cohen Fine Jewellery London

uk fine jewellery brand 18k gold lena cohen london

Lena Cohen, the British independent fine jewellery designer based in London UK, is a true gem in the world of luxury accessories. With a studio nestled in the heart of London, this brand creates exquisite pieces that are nothing short of breathtaking. What sets Lena Cohen Jewellery apart is its unwavering commitment to quality and […]

Lily Arkwright

Lily Arkwright Fine Jewelery Logo

Lily Arkwright is a luxury online jewellery retailer based in Manchester, United Kingdom shipping globally. We offer the very best quality lab grown moissanite, diamonds, coloured gemstones engagement rings, wedding bands and bridal jewellery. In a variety of 18K white, yellow, rose golds and platinum precious metals. We offer free global delivery on all orders. […]

Holts Gems

Holts banner

Since its establishment in 1948, Holts Gems has been a beacon of quality and craftsmanship in the UK’s jewellery market. This multi-award-winning family business is now in its second generation and shows no signs of slowing down. With a team of Gem-A and GIA certified gemmologists and expert designers, Holts boasts not only unparalleled expertise […]

Elliot Fitzpatrick

Elliot Fitzpatrick Precious Metals

Rooted in tradition yet always evolving, Elliot Fitzpatrick has carved a niche in the highly competitive landscape of precious metal services. Established in 1986 by Elliot and Alan Fitzpatrick, the company is conveniently located in the Goldsmiths’ Centre in Clerkenwell. Renowned for their high-skill craftsmanship, Elliot Fitzpatrick crafts not only stunning jewellery but also exquisite […]

Touch Of Gold

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A hidden gem in the vibrant Hatton Garden district, Touch Of Gold has garnered a reputation for quality and authenticity, largely through word-of-mouth recommendations. This jewellery shop doesn’t just sell trinkets; it sells well-made and reasonably-priced treasures. Their formula for success is simple yet potent: build meaningful relationships with customers and provide them with genuine […]


Suttons and Robertsons Fleet Street

Established in 1770, Suttons & Robertsons is one of the world’s most respected and historic pawnbrokers, proudly originating from London, UK. Their rich British heritage reflects in the luxurious and professional services they offer. This prestigious firm specialises in secure and confidential short-term loans against valuable items such as exquisite jewellery, high-end watches, valuable antiques, […]

Vogue London

Vogue London

Boasting an astonishing 200 years of combined experience, Vogue London has cemented its status as the must-visit jewellery store in the bustling heart of Hatton Garden. With a decade of operations under its belt, this shop transcends mere retail to offer a curated experience steeped in luxury and refinement. Specialising in an extensive array of […]

Aurora Grace

Aurora Grace

With over 15 years of experience in the fine jewellery industry, Aurora Grace stands as a beacon of excellence and trust in the bustling area of Hatton Garden in Soho, London. What sets this establishment apart is not just its extensive range of services but its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Here, you’re not […]

JN Jewellery

JN Jewellery Banner

For more than 20 years, JN Jewellery has been a stalwart in the bustling area of Hatton Garden in Soho, London. It’s a UK-based maker and importer of fine gold, silver, diamond, and set jewellery, making it a go-to establishment for anyone looking for top-quality pieces. Step inside the shop and you’ll find a broad […]

The Goldsmiths Company

The Goldsmiths Company Banner

Founded with its first royal charter in 1327, The Goldsmiths Company stands as one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London. With a history that spans nearly seven centuries, this esteemed institution has a mission deeply rooted in supporting craftspeople, safeguarding consumers, and fostering societal well-being through its charitable activities. Situated […]

The Vintage Jeweller

The Vintage Jeweller Banner

Jeff Taylor, the man behind The Vintage Jeweller, has a gift for spotting rare and stunning pieces of antique and pre-owned jewellery. His remarkable eye has earned him a unique reputation in the jewellery industry over the past 40 years. Jeff has showcased his incredible finds at some of London’s most renowned antique jewellery locations, […]

Ishy Antiques

Ishy Antiques Store

Situated in the iconic area of Hatton Garden in London, Ishy Antiques offers something truly different. This boutique jewellery store operates on an appointment-only basis, providing an intimate and bespoke experience for every customer. Each piece in their unique catalogue, be it antique jewels, brooches, rings, or any other form of jewellery, is handpicked for […]