Jewellery Design and Manufacture

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Jewellery Design and Manufacture

Jewellery design and manufacture, purchasing unique jewellery, Hatton Garden jewellery stores offer the best. Many jewellery designers can offer a bespoke jewellery manufacturing experience to their customers. Using only the highest quality of gold, platinum and stones in their work. You can speak with any of the on-site master jewellers. They will be more than happy to help and advise you on your jewellery ideas. One-of-a-kind jewellery is the speciality of almost all the jewellery designers and manufacturers based in Hatton Garden. Every one of the jewellers is a highly qualified jewellery designer.

Jewellery design and your budget

The Hatton Garden jewellers bring the skills of master artisans to create beautiful bespoke jewellery. The jewellers are renowned for using the finest materials and techniques to create stunning custom made jewellery. They work in partnership with you to create your beautiful piece of jewellery that can’t be found on the high street. Many jewellery stores sell beautiful pieces of jewellery, the person you meet is usually trained in sales, not design. You can’t see where your jewellery is created, and most pieces will be made to a template. Every client has their own personal jewellery design style, objectives and budget. The jewellers will work with you to create truly unique jewellery, you can see your jewellery come to life. From the first sketch to CAD jewellery design, and even a 3D printed model that you can actually try on.

Designing your own jewellery

With your first appointment, the jewellers will make sure that we understand your design concept. In many cases, you can visit their workshops to see the jewellery craftsman’s tools on the bench. You will be able to talk to the jewellers creating your jewellery. This will let you be involved in the jewellery manufacturing experience. Many clients have a particular idea or design in mind, whether it’s a traditional or contemporary jewellery design idea. You could also redesign an old family heirloom into a more modern piece of jewellery, to give it new life. Many clients look for guidance in coming up with a design that works for them. The jewellery designers will help you make the right choices of materials to simplify the process. You will be involved at every stage and be sure that you will end up with beautiful pieces of jewellery that are unique and will last a lifetime.