Gems and Gemstones

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Gems and Gemstones

Affordable gems and gemstones from Hatton Garden, the place to visit for all your gemstone needs. The stores in this area are the suppliers of the highest quality gems and gemstones you are likely to find anywhere. You can have your chosen highest quality certified diamond or other gemstones set into a ring or another piece of jewellery of your choice. The selection of precious gemstones is quite breathtaking, in every one of the Hatton Garden shops there is the knowledge that you are purchasing the best gemstones available and there are gemstones to suit the budget for everyone.

Highest quality gems suppliers

Shop for popular or rare gems with real confidence. Each jewellery shop, sell 100% original authentic gemstones worldwide. Certified precious & semi-precious gemstones such as Blue Diamonds, Jadeites, Emeralds, Taaffeite, Pink Diamonds, Grandidierites, Serendibites, Red Diamonds, Red Beryl, Ruby, Benitoite, Musgravite, Alexandrite and others.