Jewellery Repair

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Jewellery Repair

High-quality jewellery repair in Hatton Garden is famous and has also built a reputation as having the leading jewellery repair and restoration technicians in the country. Many of the jewellery repair specialists are also highly qualified jewellery designers. Giving you the best of both worlds when you take your diamond ring, necklaces, earrings, pendant, bracelet, tiara, luxury watch, or any other type of jewels to be repaired, consult now our specialists.

If you have a piece of jewellery with some sentimental value needing to be restored or remodelled, it will be done on-site in a fully equipped jewellery repair workshop. No job is too small or too big for the jewellers in Hatton Garden and the service is always very friendly and personalised and in some cases, the jewels can be repaired while you wait.

Jewellery restoration workshop

With on-site workshops, the skilled goldsmiths are able to offer a wide range of jewellery repair services including engagement ring restoration, Jewellery design and Jewellery cleaning. As well as watch batteries replaced, watch straps changed and watch repairs. They also specialise in antique jewellery repairs in their dedicated jewellery repair workshops. Only the most highly skilled and experienced goldsmiths and jewellers are qualified to repair antique and vintage jewellery. Including antique ring repairs, antique ring restoration or restore vintage jewellery including gold chains, diamond necklaces, even tiara repairs. Also difficult to repair vintage costume jewellery repairs are considered and undertaken. Antique jewellery restoration requires absolute skill, proper training and experience. Each of the goldsmiths will decide the correct way to return each jewel to its best condition. The goldsmiths are skilled in all aspects of antique jewellery restoration, mending and correcting your personal jewellery.

Broken jewellery repair

If you have any old items of jewellery you want to be repaired or has lost its lustre, diamond jewellery repairs or precious gemstone jewellery repairs. The goldsmiths will identify the original precious metals used to manufacture your jewellery. They will take the most care to bring your diamond ring back to life. Precious gemstones, diamonds and pearls all have a difference in the shade of meaning or expression. The goldsmiths will decide the correct way to return each jewel to its best. Whatever jewellery you are looking to have restored or repaired, you can be sure the goldsmiths have the expertise and skill necessary to do the best jewellery repairs possible. The goldsmiths are able to undertake complicated jewellery repairs. They can repair jewellery items that were previously unrepairable including the most intricate restoration of old family heirlooms. Individual jewellery repairs are considered for both the trade and the public. Bring your jewellery back to life, call the jewellers listed on the jewellery repairs page for a while-you-wait estimate. It is also advisable that your gold and platinum jewellery is regularly checked and repaired if necessary.