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Wedding Ring

Looking for your perfect wedding ring? then Hatton Garden is the place to shop for couples getting married this year. The jewellers have years of experience helping the customer choose their perfect Wedding ring. Each shop has its own individual style and the range of rings is stunning. They are available in rose, yellow and white gold as well as platinum. Beautiful handmade wedding bands can be chosen from the top jewellery craftsmen to fit your personal budget.

Egyptian wedding ring traditions

The first recorded evidence of the tradition of exchanging rings is found in ancient Egyptian scriptures going back 3,000 years. The writings describe couples presenting each other with braided rings made from hemp or reeds, unfortunately, these materials did not last long. Couples replaced the band with rings made from leather, bone or ivory. The better quality materials used indicated more love being shown, the quality of the ring also showed the net worth of the giver. Egyptians believed that the wedding rings symbolised commitment and eternal love for each other, the circle has no beginning or end. The centre opening was considered as a door to the future, this symbolism still exists today.

Roman wedding ring traditions

Originally in Ancient Rome, the groom would give his bride an iron ring and is the origin of today’s metal wedding bands. The material symbolised strength and permanence, it is believed that the Romans were the first to have their wedding rings engraved. The Romans and Greeks placed the ring on the fourth finger on the left hand. They believed that the fourth finger was the vein of love. Rings still symbolise the union of two people today and identify them as a couple. There is a theory the left ring finger was chosen, the ring would become less damaged because most people are right-handed.

Design your own wedding ring

You will find 32 jewellery businesses listed on the wedding rings page, they can help design and make your wedding rings. The shops display a wide range of ready-made wedding rings, other jewellers can design and make your wedding rings. Many of the jewellers today are using the latest CAD technology to design your rings. It is also very popular with couples to have his and hers matching wedding rings made at the same time. There are even some jewellery workshops where you can become involved in the design and making process.